The NHICC is a non-profit federal corporation home inspector certification entity administered by an experienced Board of Directors. We are a "Proud Member" of ICE (Institute of Credentialing Excellence). Accordingly we stay informed on "best practices" in developing and administering a high quality certification program for home inspectors in Canada. As such we maintain a "Credentialing Specialist" as part of our administrative mandate. ICE recognizes that certification has become a profession that requires its own unique competencies to maintain assessment-based certification standards. Read our legal notes here.

About Us

The NHICC Directors comprises a team of Home Inspection Professionals that have upheld the development, creation and administrative mandate of the "National Certification Program". Primarily the Directors were originally elected by National Certificate Holders (NCH). The early roots dates back to 1996. It was part of a "home inspection" sector study "National Initiative" funded by CMHC in the year 1999 and 2003. In 2001 the creation of the first National Occupational Standards (NOS) was originally realized for the home inspection sector. The NOS was followed up with the successful completion of National Certification and Accreditation Model for Home and Property Inspectors in October 2005.

This National Initiative was a response from the sector wanting to address the issue of "accountability and professionalism" to stakeholders, consumers and their clients. In 2021 the NHICC in response to the downturn in inspections reminds the inspectors and association of the future of the profession.


NHICC National Certification Program is based on a practitioner's ability to perform specific duties and tasks identified in the "National Occupational Standard", and in compliance with Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Certification is conducted by ourNational Admissions Board. In order to provide arm's length independence, this "Board" performs a background review based on an nationally approved review system of the applicants in the NHICC National Certification Program. Read about "autonomy"

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